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Your kitchen appears clean on the surface. But when is the last time you cleaned the interior of your fridge? Or your cabinets? Or the trash can? Keeping a clean kitchen is hard work and let's face it, we all have hidden gross spots in the kitchen we'd rather ignore. But fear not, there's an easy way to a sparkly clean kitchen, inside and out. And environmentally-friendly to boot!
The kitchen is the heart of a home for most families. Keeping your kitchen clean is incredibly important for the health of your family, but so is making sure it's non-toxic. Many common cleaning solutions and even kitchen utensils can be harmful to the health of your family. We're sharing some simple tips on how to make sure your kitchen is sparkling clean AND naturally healthy.
Are you stressed about the mess in your home that simply never seems to go away? Decluttering your home can do wonders to make your life more orderly, and it does not need to be hard at all. We have 3 easy steps that you can take to regain control over your home in no time!
You don’t need very fancy or obscure, or event very many ingredients to satisfy some of the most common cleaning needs. In fact, basic kitchen staples like vinegar, lemon and salt will do!
A clean house often does not feel clean unless it also smells clean. Scented air fresheners have slowly moved from our bathrooms into each and every room in our home. From automatic Febreze spritzers to Glide plugs, air fresheners today not only promise to remove bad toilet, cooking or pet odors, but infuse the air we breathe with exotic scents, from “Fresh Laundry” to “Rainforest” or even “...