Recurring Service


If you want to maintain a Sparkling Clean home year round, our agency offers recurring cleaning schedules. With a recurring schedule, your house cleaner will have familiarity with your home and will be devoted to maintaining and perfecting your home!





How do I arrange a recurring schedule?

Once your initial cleaning appointment is completed, our agency will follow up with you to get feedback about your service and we will correspond via email to arrange the recurring schedule based on your preferred weekday & time for the appointments.


Can I schedule a recurring service on the weekends too?

We no longer book a recurring schedule on Sundays, and Saturdays have become extremely limited.


Do I have to be home for the cleaning service?

For convenience, it is very common for our clients to provide a copy of the house keys to their recurring house cleaners. Please provide our agency with any lockbox or gate codes or any special instructions regarding accessing your home. If you cannot meet your house cleaner and need to provide a house key, please contact the office for assistance with a key drop-off or pick-up to be planned in advance.

We make it easy for a recurring schedule customer, no more hiding a key somewhere, waiting around for your cleaner to arrive and sticking around during our service. Simply request a free lockbox and get on with your busy schedule. When you book a recurring schedule with us, you’re eligible for a Sparkling Clean-provided lockbox with a weekly, 2-weeks or 4-weeks cleaning plan.

You may request a lockbox when booking your cleaning or by calling our customer support team.
Once requested, your lockbox should arrive in 5 business days. Upon delivery, please save the 4-digit code provided with your lockbox. We'll update the entry instructions for all future bookings that are associated with your cleaning plan so that your cleaners know you’ve left the key in your lockbox.


How often can I have the cleaning service? Can I have the service every 3 weeks?

Our agency can only manage recurring schedules that recur every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. Unfortunately, a 3 week recurring schedule, or any other frequency cannot be accommodated.


Will I have the same house cleaner(s) each time?

Yes! Recurring cleaning schedules are set up in advance with the same house cleaner(s). Recurring schedules offer a mutually beneficial working relationship between house cleaners and clients. If your house cleaner(s) is not available for any reason, our office staff will notify you to reschedule or arrange for a substitute housekeeper to fill in.


What is the discounted rate for recurring cleaning services?

The recurring rates are discounted as follows:

Weekly cleanings - 20% discount

Every other week - 15% discount

Every 4 weeks- 10% discount

Your initial appointment with your recurring house cleaner is at the regular rate. The discounted recurring rate will be applied for all subsequent appointments.


Can I schedule recurring appointments online?

It is not possible to arrange a recurring schedule online. Our office is happy to help arrange your recurring schedule.


What is included in the recurring cleaning?

Your cleaner can work with you to customize and personalize your cleaning package, and to ensure you are happy with the cleaning routine.

You can advise your cleaner of any organizational work, special tasks or projects you may want to periodically include in your recurring service (such as cleaning baseboards, etc..) on any individual appointment. Based on the complexity of the tasks and the time involved, the cleaner may apply an additional cost.

You can also include oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, high dusting, or interior window cleaning to any individual appointment at an additional cost.