Healthy Home

Non-toxic Air Fresheners: The best natural and DYI options for a truly clean home

A clean house often does not feel clean unless it also smells clean. Scented air fresheners have slowly moved from our bathrooms into each and every room in our home. From automatic Febreze spritzers to Glide plugs, air fresheners today not only promise to remove bad toilet, cooking or pet odors, but infuse the air we breathe with exotic scents, from “Fresh Laundry” to “Rainforest” or even “Christmas”. That such exotic scents, and even the mood altering scented candles we now place everywhere for a perpetual spa atmosphere are completely artificial, chemical and toxic is often forgotten.

How Healthy Is Your Home?

Living in a healthy home is one of the most important steps toward a healthy life, as it touches all aspects of our lives, from how and where we prepare our food, to the products we use in every room, and on our clothes and sheets. A healthy home means a clean and safe home for our family, and there are many simple steps and tools you can take to ensure your home is in tip top health!